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3HMONGTV NEWS (03/18/2021) – Toufong Lor, owner of TouFong Towing & Auto Body Inc, says he’s received truck loads of foods donated by the government for families during the pandemic. Another shipment is on its way and will arrive on March 24. If you or know of someone who are in need of food, you’re […]
3HMONGTV NEWS (02/20/2021) – 3HMONGTV tsim muaj ib qho program los pab rau haiv neeg Bhutanese los yog Nepali tshaj tawm txog kabmob COVID-19 nyob xeev Minnesota. Kev txhawb nqa kom muaj qhov program no los ntawm Minnesota Department of Health. Cov neeg Bhutanese no muaj khwv yees li ntawm 3,000 leeg nyob rau xeev […]
3HMONGTV NEWS (02/15/2021) – Mike Vang (Tub Hais Loom Moos) joins 3HMONGTV as News anchor. Mike will be reporting on the big stories of the day three times a week starting on February 17, 2021. We’re pleased to have Mike join the team. Welcome Mike.
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