3HMONGTV NEWS (07/14/2018) – The ceremonial groundbreaking of the St. Paul – Changsha China Friendship Garden was held on July 14, 2018, at Lake Phalen in St. Paul.  Among the speakers were Mayor Melvin Carter of St. Paul and Sen. Foung Hawj who represents the east side.   3HMONGTV | TWIN CITIES HMONG TELEVISION
XAV PAUB XAV POM (06/23/2018) – This year Hmongtown Festival draws nearly 10,000 people to the como and rice street area. Folks all over the Twin Cities enjoy a two-day festivities and food.  “Another year of success for Hmongtown Festival”, says Toua Xiong, owner of Hmongtown Market Place. 3HMONGTV | TWIN CITIES HMONG TELEVISION
3HMONGTV NEWS (06/17/2018) –  At a press conference earlier today, Nengwa Vang, current Board President of Lao Family Community Inc. of MN, says he wants the Hmong community to understand the sequence of events that led up to the controversies surrounding Lao Family Foundation and its handling of money generated by two of the biggest […]
3HMONGTV NEWS (06/14/2018) – About a hundred people attended an event prepared by Adam Yang campaign committee at King Thai Restaurant in St. Paul to officially kick off Adam’s candidacy for Ramsey County Dist. judge. Mr. Yang has been a public defender and an attorney for nearly 20 years. He says his passion to help […]
3HMONGTV NEWS (05/30/2018) – Leaders from the Hmong community give blessings to the St. Paul-China Friendship garden before the excavation begins. Sen. Foung Hawj thanks participants and board members of the MN China Friendship Garden Society. Participants include Rep. Tim Mahoney, Mr. Tha Ying Her and other members of the Hmong Cultural Plaza Advisory Group. […]
3HMONGTV NEWS (05/26/2018) – Hmong District 40th Anniversary is held at the St. Paul RiverCentre in St. Pau, Minnesota. Pastor Chia Cher Moua says they are expecting around 6,000 attendees this year. Some has come as far as Vietnam and Thailand. The event starts May 26 through May 30. Pastor Moua says some of the […]