3HMONGTV NEWS (11/18/2019) – Queens with dreams is a non-profit organization to help girls ages 5-15 to be better persons. The program is called princess with passion. They are located on 445 Etna Street, Ste 44B in St. Paul. You can contact them at 651-414-0625 for details. 3HMONGTV | TWIN CITIES HMONG TELEVISION
3HMONGTV NEWS (11/15/2019) – At Park Elder Center, Hmong seniors celebrate the Hmong new year in a special way. The elders at the center are Hmong, Lao, Cambodian, Hindi and Chinese. Director Wa Houa Vue says there are over 600 elders from all nationalities at the Park Elder Center in Minneapolis. This year 3HMONGTV crew […]
3HMONGTV NEWS (11/18/2019) – A gunman walked in to a family gathering on Sunday, November 17, and started shooting. Three people died at the scene, one was taken to the hospital where he later died. Six people injured. Police are still searching for the suspect asking anyone for surveillance video. 3HMONGTV | TWIN CITIES HMONG […]
3HMONGTV NEWS (10/25/2019) – Peb Hmong American Caucus (PHAC), the first Hmong American political organization which was approved and recognized by the MN DFL Party, held it’s kickoff event at Unison Restaurant & Banquet on October 25, 2019. About 200 people attended the event including elected officials and community leaders. Keynote speaker was Ken Martin, […]
3HMONGTV NEWS (10/12/2019) – Hmong Medical Association hosted its first annual conference on October 12, in Minnesota at the Radisson Blu Mall of America. Hmong Medical Association is the first of such organization in the nation. The conference brings local Hmong doctors together to present their work. There is a fundraising gala in the evening […]
3HMONGTV NEWS (07/18/2019) – It is with great sadness to announce that our own Maikou Xiong who co-hosts with Padee Yang on Xav Paub Xav Pom has passed away this morning. Maikou Xiong began her involvement with 3HMONGTV more than 10 years ago. She’s been a great asset to our TV station with her reporting. […]
3HMONGTV – Meet some of the biggest names in Hmong music industry, Es Lis, Amanda Lee, Mai Xiong, and Kab Npauj Laim Yaj at the Hmong J4 concert in St. Paul. It is rare to see artists such as these come together to perform. According to the concert organizers, they try to bring new artist(s) […]
3HMONGTV NEWS (07/03/2019) – The United Hmong Family Inc. holds a press conference at McMurray fields in regards to threats from a flyer circulating in St. Paul.  It is unclear what the actual wording on the flyer as the incident is still pending investigation. St. Paul Police are asking anyone with any information to call. […]