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3HMONGTV News (06/24/2022) – Mai Chong Xiong, candidate for Ramsey County Commissioner, wins the endorsement by the Minnesota DFL Party. A gathering was held at White Dragon Hall in St. Paul to celebrate her win. To learn more about Mai Chong Xiong, visit www.maichongxiong.org.
3HMONGTV News (06/24/2022) –  Mee Vang, President of Hmong United Family, Inc., says event organizers are ready for family and friends to attend the biggest sports event in the United States, the Hmong International Freedom Festival, which happens on July 2 and 3 at the McMurray Fields in St. Paul.
After this video was released, we regret that Her Vang personally wrote us to have it taken down due to personal reasons he said in a statement. Her did not explain in details what the reasons were. Her Vang who is from Laos, visits Minnesota from Maine where he studies. Her received scholarship to study […]
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