3HMONGTV (04/09/2020) – Employees at Golden Harvest, a Hmong supermarket in St. Paul, take measures to help prevent the spread of the covid-19 virus. Choua Vang (Cua Vaj), a store manager, says they have been taking steps to educate shoppers to practice social distancing to protect themselves and others. Signs have been posted on doors and cash registers to alert people about social distancing and the need to wear masks. Fue Her (Fwm Hawj), store manager, also says they are helping shoppers to adapt to the social distancing and people seem to be adhering to the rule. Sneeze guards have been put in place at the registers and in the hot food area. After the store closes, employees are working hard to clean and sanitize baskets and surfaces that people come into contact with. Nu Cheng Xiong (Num Tsheej Xyooj) says the his number one priority is the safety of his store employees and customers.

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