3HMONGTV NEWS (06/17/2018) –  At a press conference earlier today, Nengwa Vang, current Board President of Lao Family Community Inc. of MN, says he wants the Hmong community to understand the sequence of events that led up to the controversies surrounding Lao Family Foundation and its handling of money generated by two of the biggest events, the Hmong Freedom and the MN Hmong New Year celebrations. Currently there’s no funding to continue social services at the organization and the building is on the verge of foreclosure. According to Nengwa Vang, the building still has a balance of $100,000 and they are struggling to maintain it. There are no businesses conducted on the premises and it is now being rented for community events.

The current board term will end in October 2018 and Nengwa hopes someone will step in to take over the organization. When asked what the current board will do to secure the building, Nengwa says the only way to do that is to start another public event in order to raise money but that is unlikely going to happen any time soon. As for the board, they hope to have a meeting in October to see if anyone is interested in starting it all over. So far no one is.


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