A rally was held in front of the Siskiyou County court house on July 17, 2021 to seek justice for Shong Leng Kao Her. Shong Leng Kao Her was shot and killed on June 28, 2021 by law enforcement as he evacuated the lav fire in Syskiyou County in Yreka, California. The Hmong feel they are being racially profiled and in some instances are unfairly treated.

In recent years, Hmong families started to come into Siskiyou County to farm cannabis due to it’s legalization. The Hmong claim they were being unfairly treated because they are not allowed water use. They say there was no help from the county when the fire burned through their properties.  They are being racially profiled and pulled over to be searched and have their vehicles towed away.  They are protesting for justice for Shong Leng Kao Her and demand the release of the bodycam footage of the killing and they Sheriff Jeremiah LaRue should resign. On the other hand, Sheriff Jeremiah says he’s not going to resign. He also says everyone needs to abide by the ordinances.

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